Donna J. Harris, MA, MSW, LCSW

Donna HarrisDonna is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is the Clinical Director of Intercultural Counseling, LLC; she is also Clinical Faculty at Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate School of Social Service and Social Research, where she teaches classes in Power Privilege & Oppression and Clinical Practice. For over 25 years, Donna has provided psychotherapy to adolescents and adults who have felt marginalized at work, school and in their relationships.

As a trainer and facilitator, Donna has uses StirFry Films and Mindful Facilitation skills, combined with clinical practice theories in her work with non-profits, educational & religious institutions and other organizations working to develop antiracist and inclusive policies. Having traveled extensively and resided in New York, Brussels, Belgium and now, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Donna applies an intercultural lens to her life and work which fuels her determination to help othes understand the necessity of learning skills to effectively communicate across our differences.

Donna first discovered Lee Mun Wah’s films when asked to teach a course in multiculturalism in 2003. This led to an ongoing, sometimes painful, journey exploring racism and her own internalized oppression; culminating with completing StirFry’s Mindful Facilitation Certification Program & Internship. Donna feels privileged and honored to have been taught and mentored by Lee Mun Wah and Rainbow Markell who were instrumental in her personal growth and solidifying her commitment to dismantling racism.