Donna J. Harris, MA, MSW, LCSW

Donna HarrisDonna is a licensed clinical social worker in Springfield, Pennsylvania where she is the Clinical Director of Intercultural Counseling, LLC. As a psychotherapist, she helps diverse individuals, couples and groups navigate complex issues of identity, internalized oppression and racism. As an educator, she teaches Multiculturalism and Diversity as well as Advanced Clinical Practice at the graduate level and facilitates diversity and inclusion trainings. Donna grew up in the New York area but moved to Brussels, Belgium at the age of 10, where she resided for 10 years, affording her the experience of growing up as a black American child of the 60’s but also an immigrant abroad. She speaks fluent English and French as a result, and brings a multicultural lens to her life and work.

She was fortunate to encounter Lee Mun Wah’s films when asked to teach her first course in multiculturalism in 2003. This lead to an ongoing, sometimes painful journey exploring racism and her own internalized oppression; culminating with completing Stirfry’s Advanced Mindful Certificate Program, which she considers to have been the most profound and life changing experience in her career of 25 years. She is enthusiastic and honored to have the opportunity to continue training with Lee Mun Wah and Rainbow Markell who have been instrumental in her personal growth and solidifying her commitment to dismantling racism.