Laura Mui, M.A., Ed.M

alisa genoveseLaura Mui is currently a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Oakland and Dublin, CA. She is also a parent, daughter, sister, partner, teacher, activist, poet and public speaker. In 2012, Laura launched her psychotherapy practice, Conscious Roots, aptly named to underscore the necessity of uncovering the unconscious material or "roots" of both external and internalized oppression and bringing them to our conscious awareness towards lasting healing and transformation of self and community.

The name also pays deep homage to those who have struggled and fought for the civil liberties and rights of People of Color before us--the lives of those who have set the "roots," of freedom that continually inspire and nourish Laura to do this important work. Laura was fortunately introduced to one of those lives, acclaimed Film Director and master of diversity training, Lee Mun Wah, whose work has been monumental to both Laura’s personal healing and the development of her professional passions.

She offers humor, warmth, compassion, and appreciation to support people on their journey towards self-awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance, believing that a person's internal terrain is the least traveled and the most rewarding.