Jim Langemo

langemoJim Langemo brings a simple, holistic approach for improving performance through diversity to corporations, non-profit organizations and educational institutions. He is currently working on creating a leadership development program for the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. Jim is the managing director of Enso Diversity Group, which specializes in developing culturally competent leaders, providing diversity training and helping organizations develop diversity strategies, grow successful leaders and solve local, diversity-related business problems.

As the Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Best Buy, where he worked for 18 years, he started a diversity leadership program that was featured on NBC-TV, ABC-TV and in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It was also the winner of the Diversity Journal’s Innovation Award. The program was a proven vehicle for improving business performance, creating more diverse teams and lowering turnover – as well as having a lasting, positive impact on attendees’ personal life and local communities. He also helped lead the nationwide launch of Employee Resource Groups for the company.

As a facilitator and speaker, Jim is engaging and motivational, creating a safe environment for participants to explore, take risks and gain clarity on what it means to be an effective leader. Participants leave inspired to lead with a diversity-mindset and equipped with the confidence and skills to be successful in achieving their goals. Participants have been surveyed as long two years after attending sessions and have shared how much their experience with Jim continues to positively impact their business, their families and their view on life.

Jim is also a musician. He has released two albums and is working on his third. He plays guitar, mandolin and harmonica. He is also working on his first novel.