Where are you from? No, where are you really from?

Recent uproars about asking the above questions have many pundits labelling this type of persistent questioning by whites: racism. My experience tells me that this will probably be followed up by a variety of reactions from whites: a.) Deciding to never ask this type of question again for fear of being publically humiliated or expelled … Read more

A Different Perspective

by Lee Mun Wah Recently, a white man shared that whites would be more receptive to looking at their own racism and privilege if they only knew how much BIPOC cared about them. Everyone in the room was white except for me and I could see how moved they were when they heard this. Once … Read more

Broken and Apart

In the film, Seabiscuit, a horse that is broken comes back to win in a major race. At the end, the rider shares: I know that many think we helped bring a broken horse back to life, but I think it is, we, who were brought back from our broken lives…and in the process we … Read more

A Season of Remembering

As I’m about to turn seventy-six on October 25th, so many thoughts come to me about life and what it’s all about. As was shared in one of my favorite films, Letters to Juliet: “There are two words what and if. Separately, they have different meanings, but put together, what if…they represent a longing of … Read more

The Greatest Challenge for Diversity Trainers – Lack of Facilitation Skills

For the past thirty-five years I have come to realize that so many Human Resource, DEI, managers, directors, and diversity trainers/presenters are not trained on how to facilitate diversity conflicts and confrontations. What they are often hired for is organizing ethnic luncheons and speakers, presenting the latest diversity models and power points, and, of course, … Read more

We Are Where We Need To Be

I was reminiscing lately as I was finishing up the final touches to my life story, River of Jade. I had always imagined I was going to retire as a teacher, a profession I loved for almost twenty-five years. Someone once said that there are two important moments in our lives: The day we are … Read more

It Is Always Darkest Before the Light

I imagine we will all remember 9/11, the assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, Jr., the election of President Barack Obama and the shocking embarrassment of Donald Trump’s election, the Parkland shootings, George Floyd, the anti-Asian violence and the physical and emotional trauma of the pandemic, January 6th, and so many other tragic … Read more

A Prayer for the Children of Uvalde

When I saw the first pictures of the young children of Uvalde who were killed and then the one of a young girl crying uncontrollably by herself, I found myself thrown back to another time when I, too, felt so alone… lost in the inextricable terror of that moment when you know that someone you … Read more