The Myth: We’ve Got To Do Better

How many times have you heard this response when a discriminatory incident occurs and there is a demand for change: We’ve got to do better. The problem with this response is that no one is held accountable and no one is ever asked what do they mean by ‘better’? Better than what? Or maybe we … Read more

Once There Was a Dream

Some time ago, I began to notice how fascinated individuals and groups had become with some of my experiences mindfully facilitating conversations on diversity issues around the country. So, I thought I might try something different today by sharing an experience that had happened years ago. Just before I was about to deliver a keynote … Read more

In Search of a Real Apology

In light of the abusive and violent experience that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had with Rep. Yoho, I wanted to revisit one of my earlier articles, In Search of a Real Apology. In so many ways, it was once again an issue of what was not acknowledged and also putting the burden of ‘misunderstanding’ on the part of one who is victimized. And, once again, … Read more

Who Is An American?

Many years ago, I was informed that I was to get an award by the military for my work as a diversity consultant. The award was to be presented by the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Defense. Of course, I was flattered and a bit dubious of displaying this award living in Berkeley, California! … Read more