Seminars & Trainings for Corporations


stirfry corporate seminarsThousands of participants from educational, government, corporate, and social service agencies have taken StirFry’s trainings and seminars. We are recognized by many of the top 500 corporations as having one of the most outstanding cross-cultural and communications training programs for managers, supervisors, H.R. and top administrative executives. Clients such as Corning, NASA, Best Buy, Whirlpool, IBM, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Postal Service, and the U.S. Department of Defense have all resounded with praise and awe at having participated in some of the most life changing and phenomenally useful trainings of their experience. What makes StirFry Seminars so unique is our approach to how we value and observe each communication. We call this " mindfully listening," which means being attentive to the subtleties in each communication, such as intent and impact.

What makes StirFry Seminars so unique is our approach to how we value and observe each communication. We call this ‘mindfully listening’, which means being attentive to the subtleties in each communication, such as intent and impact. The following are some of the reasons why so many companies have chosen to work with us:

  • We emphasize developing inquiry skills in place of adversarial and defensive statements
  • We help participants acquire the art of mindfully resolving conflicts within seconds through the use of observation and responsive techniques     
  • We demonstrate ways to create an environment where staff and administration work together as a supportive community rather than as individuals coming from an oppositional or power perspective
  • We develop the art of noticing keywords throughout the communication process that unlock the needs and issues of a particular cultural group or individual
  • We train participants to observe differences and similarities through a multicultural and multi-sensory approach and perspective
  • We use personal stories as a way to broaden one’s understanding and compassion for the history of one’s journey and its impact on present day behaviors and attitudes 
  • We train managers and supervisors to not only listen for what is being said, but also to what is not being expressed because of discriminatory or retaliatory behaviors and attitudes
  • We train agencies to notice the importance of intent and impact in all their communications
  • We use curiosity as a gateway to empathy and trust
  • We explore through a multicultural lens rather than a monocultural one
  • We help managers and supervisors deepen their understanding of cross-cultural issues and values through role plays and real life vignettes so that what they learn is practical, useful and appropriate
  • We create opportunities for ongoing dialogues so that different cultural groups can ask each other questions and deepen their relationships
  • We provide ongoing training on how to facilitate and resolve conflicts peaceably without coming from a reactive or defensive position
  • We use our internationally acclaimed films on diversity issues to foster dialogue and deeper understandings
  • Participants practice their communication and mediation skills through viewing our unique training films that mirror actual business scenarios and ongoing workplace problems and issues
  • StirFry Seminars provides ongoing consultation, mentoring and coaching throughout each level of our trainings and seminars
  • We provide a Certification Program 
  • We cover a variety of diversity workshops, as well as communications training and organizational development courses 
  • We work with individuals as well as groups from 3 to 14,000 participants
  • We have countless National Training Centers all over the United States
  • Our consultants, facilitators and trainers are from a variety of multicultural backgrounds
  • We provide manuals, training guides, films and books that are authored solely by StirFry Seminars & Consulting
  • Our clients range from the top 500 corporations to almost every major university, government and social agency in the United States
  • Our films and books are the foundation for most diversity trainers
  • Our films such as The Color of Fear  (appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1995), have won international and national awards
  • All of our trainers and facilitators have years of diversity experience and are Certified Master Diversity Trainers        
  • Our presenters, trainers, facilitators, and consultants come from a myriad of professions, including from educational, corporate, therapeutic and social services sectors