Selected Testimonials

"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job as our keynote really had a firm grasp on whom your audience was and you did a fantastic job at directing your comments to teaching professionals....We have already received a lot of positive feedback regarding your lecture. People found you inspiring and engaging....We greatly appreciate what you are doing to advance the causes of equality and understanding. You no doubt made a great impact on all who attended."

Global Majority Retreat Committee
Connecticut State University System

"Lee Mun Wah immediately creates an atmosphere in which it is safe to talk and important to listen. Through my experience with him, I have been able to see more deeply into myself and into others. I have been able to see that, in as much as I have been a part of the problem, I am a part of the solution. His facilitation style and the way he interacts with an audience invites me to help create a world in which each person is welcomed and valued. The teaching he provided didn't just apply to me, it applied to my life with my family, my employees and my customers. The event was, with out exaggeration, transforming."

Jim Langemo
Director of Diversity and Strengths-Based Organization
Best Buy Co., Inc

"Regardless of the demographics of the group, Lee Mun Wah has a way of getting through to people at a basic human level. He appeals to many from ‘all different walks of life.’  What I like most about his style is that he is non-combative. He isn't a rabble rouser; he doesn’t get ‘in your face’ yet, he is extremely provocative. He encourages all to reflect on our own experiences, on others’ and how it all might fit together. I would absolutely recommend bringing him to your organization, so that the people in your organization have the opportunity for him to move them the way I have seen him move others and how he has moved me."

Lan Phuong DePoint
Capital Planner
Member of Seagate's Diversity Council
Seagate Technology

“StirFry has a unique ability to build bridges and break down barriers among people. I highly recommend their video and training programs. We’ve used many other consultants over the past few years to assist us on our path – each with their overheads and how-to guides. What StirFry brought to my organization is meaningful and significant to our culture.”

Alan Iwasaki
Human Resources
Conco., Inc.

“Although I had heard a great deal about Color of Fear and the facilitation work you (Lee Mun Wah) and your team do, nothing could have fully prepared me for the powerful impact of experiencing this session firsthand. The feedback we’ve received from our executives has been tremendous. . . .I believe many were impacted for the first time in a very personal and unique way. It definitely stimulates introspection about values, motives and interactions with all people of color.”

Judson Green, President
Walt Disney Attractions, Inc

"You (Lee Mun Wah) stimulated an open and candid dialog that resulted in an important learning experience for everyone. . . They continue to discuss the topic with one another, with their coworkers and with their families. This ripple effect is the ideal outcome for our work in diversity.

Here are some comments from the participant evaluation forms:

'I heard and saw the feelings, emotions and experiences of people I know. I didn't know these feelings were there.'
'The facilitators created a safe place for everyone.’
‘The emotions in the film made it okay for me to show and express emotions in the workshop which tells me that Chase cares.’
‘This was phenomenal. It helped me see with my heart, not rationally.’
‘It opened my eyes to the racism in all of us.’
‘I have a better understanding of what I need to do to help others feel wanted and loved.’

"Thank you for the change you brought about in all of us!"

Debbie F. Selke,Vice President
JP Morgan Chase

“There are very few who have such a commitment to seeing and living in the truth of awareness and yet do not judge others. Lee Mun Wah is such a person. In a recent engagement with 140 of our senior employees many were captivated by the possibility of seeing themselves and their differences as a call to action to live more authentically and embrace the passion of their purpose on this planet fully. I believe Lee Mun Wah is a rare and exceptional teacher with a message that deserves attention. Many where touched by that message. I was clearly blessed to be present.”

Richard A. O’Leary
Director Human Resources & DiversityTechnology Community,
MT&E, Legal & Patent
Corning, Inc.

“It is very rare that we as people are accepted for who we are.  More often than not, we are judged on how well we conform to the criteria of the day. Conformity, being the path of least resistance, is often chosen by more than a few. There are those amongst us that have paid the cost of being ourselves and that price is high but worth it.  For us, it is a rare occurrence to be affirmed for just being. Your training was just such an affirmation.  It was a gift that I will never forget. Thank you.”

Keith Vaughan
Manager of Training & Development
Human Resources, Technology Community
Corning, Inc.

"What an amazing experience it was for me to witness the power of Lee Mun Wah's teaching.  He has the unique ability to transform his surroundings by sharing himself.  Mun Wah creates a feeling of intimacy and a calm environment of caring and trust that encourages participants to interact openly and honestly.  Our audience was fairly large, yet each individual felt personally connected.  I am still receiving glowing remarks about the event, specifically his keynote address and workshop."

Talima Aaron
S&T Human Resources
Corning Incorporated

"It was very powerful the way you allowed people the space to voice their feelings, frustration, and sentiments one on one, and then engaged us in a very controlled and powerful group dialogue that clearly demonstrated the frustration of people of color in our organization."

Joni Foster
Program Director
Local Initiatives Support Corporation

"The training was both mind opening and affirming. Prior to the training, I had never known quite what to do with strong emotions, so I often "winged" it. Sometimes the "winging" worked well and sometimes it did not. With Lee Mun Wah's model and the concept of "staying with" the situation until there is resolution, I can be much more focused and serve the purpose more intentionally and skillfully. I believe my facilitation skills have been enhanced beyond measure.

I do recommend this workshop and have been doing so to my colleagues and professional acquaintances."

Kate Koski
Independent Consultant
CultureWorks Consulting

"Thank you for taking the time to speak to our group. Your workshop was extemely beneficial to me personally and professionally, and I am blessed to have had this oppotunity to share with you."

Leslie Erkkil
Best Buy

"Thank you for facilitating such an impacting workshop for our group. Your rich experience combined with your compassionate spirit brought the content to life in meaningful ways. Continue your valuable work!"

David Sluka
Best Buy

"Last week was awesome! It's only Tuesday and I've continued talks with the new people I met last week in our exercises....

This email is to thank you for making it happen. I'm convinced that it was awesome because of your dedication and passion. This week many have said what I already knew, you are inspiring. Please feel good to know that you make a huge difference in the lives of others. Words can't express my feelings of thanks to you for your unselfishness and sacrifice of spending time you spend away from your loving family to benefit others."

Tony Valley
Senior Training Specialist
Best Buy

"Lee Mun Wah - We had some pretty personal discussions and I will keep them forever. I hope to take you up on your word and experience your training to continue to build and tell my story."

Best Buy

"When I reflect on our speakers - this quote comes to mind and encompasses how I feel about what each of them shared with us:

'In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is power to do it.' (Marianne Williamson)

It's not enough that I had this experience as an amployee of Best Buy and WOLF, but the fact that it's shaped who I am as a human being has left me filled with intense gratitude and humility. The only way I can truly feel worthy of the experience is by Giving Back to those who haven't had the opportunity. I plan to bring what I've learned and experienced into many of my professional and personal relationships (ok, who am I kidding, I already have! Even from my sick bed with htis weekend with no voice, I couldn't stop calling people to share it with them...)

So, with that, I again say, to you and your incredible Team, THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU."

Shelly Gove
Project Manager
Best Buy, WOLF and Entrepreneurial Initiatives

"Thank you for the time that you were able to spend with us in Memphis last week. It was an extremely moving experience and one that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Your compassion and passion for life and understanding are a wonderful addition to the event and the experience. I hope that we will have the opportunity to meet again one day. Thank you again."

Scott Babcock
Best Buy

"Thank you, Mun Wah, for making our cultural immersion personal. I believe the success that we felt throughout the 3 days stemmed from the strong foundation you helped set the first day. While intense and emotional, the session left a mark on me professionally and personally. The film, the probing questions, and specifically the question 'when was the first time you knew you were different?' launched me into a mode of self-reflection."

Bethany Kinsella
Best Buy