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Thousands of participants from educational, government, corporate, and social service agencies have taken StirFry’s trainings and seminars. StirFry Seminars is recognized by many of the top universities and school districts as having one of the most outstanding cross-cultural and communications training programs for teachers, administrators and staff personnel. Many educators and staff comment that they have participated in some of the most life changing and phenomenally useful trainings and seminars of their experience. In many universities, our films are required of all incoming freshmen.

In addition, StirFry Seminars, in conjunction with John Boiano, offers a national program to deal with bullying and violence in our schools. We offer assemblies, keynotes, and a vast variety of teacher/student/parent/administrator trainings and consultations dealing with this growing problem in our schools. In 2010, StirFry Seminars developed a special package for Colleges and Universities, entitled "An Unfinished Conversation," which educators can customize to meet specific campus needs or requirements. The day-long program offers sessions for students, staff and faculty, and includes an evening showing and discussion of one of StirFry's films. For more information on "An Unfinished Conversation" please click here.

As a part of StirFry Seminars' ongoing efforts to increase awareness of issues of race and racism on American campuses, Lee Mun Wah will be releasing his newest film, If These Halls Could Talk, in November of 2011. This film brings together 11 students from across the country to share their stories about the state of diversity on their college campuses. For more information, and a short preview of the film, click here.

What makes StirFry Seminars so unique is our approach to how we value and observe each communication. We call this "mindfully listening," which means being attentive to the subtleties in each communication, such as intent and impact. READ MORE here about why so many companies have chosen to work with us.