Diversity Mediation Training

Diversity conflicts in schools can be the result of misunderstandings and stereotypes that can intensify tensions and create strong reactions. This training will help deepen the understanding between groups and individuals in cross-cultural conflict. Learning how to resolve these conflicts will lead to an alignment of mutual outcomes and an ongoing supportive process where everyone … Read more

Embodying Mindfulness with Social Justice Practices

So often, we are perplexed about how to integrate the practice of mindfulness with the complex world of social justice issues.  In this revolutionary workshop, Lee Mun Wah, master facilitator, filmmaker and therapist, will demonstrate how mindful facilitation techniques can help de-escalate diversity related conflicts, promote a deeper appreciation and understanding when cultural differences occur, … Read more

How to Work with Predominantly White Groups on Diversity Issues

Often, as diversity trainers and facilitators we are faced with having to work on diversity issues with predominantly white audiences that have very few people of color.  In this popular workshop, Lee Mun Wah, master facilitator, filmmaker and therapist, will demonstrate how mindfulness exercises and personal stories utilizing empathy and curiosity will help promote a … Read more

How to Transform Anger & Fear Into Useful Tools for Change

So many times, we avoid talking about diversity issues because of our fears that intense feelings such as anger and hurt will emerge and disrupt whatever hopes we might have for productive and authentic discussions on such issues as racism, sexism, classism, etc. The reality of such fears is that we really don’t have much … Read more

The Spiritual Practice of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

This workshop facilitated by Jimmi Langemo The great spiritual teachers of the world laid the framework for people to celebrate diversity, establish equity, and create an inclusive environment. But in today’s fast-paced, stressful and polarized world, the idea of cultivating a spiritual practice gets lost.  In these sessions, participants will use the teachings of the … Read more

Basic Diversity Training Program for Agencies

A. One person scenarios How to sensitively respond to cultural, class, gender issues, etc. What to do if their concerns are directed at you How to de-escalate and reconnect How to respond authentically and empathetically B. Two folks confronting each other How to de-escalate How to discern what their issues are How to learn what … Read more

Time to Break the Silence

All over the country, the rise in anti-Asian violence has overtaken this country. Every week there seems to be yet another incident of racism in our communities of Asian descent. Some are surprised in the sudden rise in such violence, but those in the Asian community have witnessed and experienced this type of violence for … Read more

After Office Hours Conversations

In every sector of this country, the real conversations about how we truly feel about the places we work at, sadly happen after we leave work. Where we are finally able to tell the truth about how we truly feel about being unheard, not understood or valued. How we are often silenced, admonished or ignored when we try … Read more