Director Lee Mun Wah's Newest Documentary

During the hot summer of 2010, Director Lee Mun Wah brought together eleven college students to discuss what it is like on campuses across the country today. The students shared the frustration and anguish of trying to be understood and acknowledged on campus where the faculty and students are predominantly white. Their stories are starkly emotional and raw, filled with incredible tenderness, courage and pain. The issues that they challenge us to look at are equally provocative, begging to be heard and confronted.

If you have ever wondered why our students and faculty of color are leaving our campuses, if you have difficulties understanding students from other cultures, if you don’t know what to say or do when a conflict occurs as it relates to a diversity issue, then the film, If These Halls Could Talk will help model for you what it will take to have conversations on diversity that are both authentic and life-changing. This film will provide a glimpse into what is still missing and what is needed if we are ever going to come together in our classrooms, on our campuses and in our communities.

If These Halls Could Talk is a package DVD set that includes:

Disc 1: "The Director's Cut" (97 min, closed captioned)
Disc 2: "The Director's Cut: Film Vignettes & Guide" (95 min)
and, the "Classroom Edition: Film Vignettes & Guide" (2 hrs/45 min)

The Director’s Cut (Disc 1) was created as a short, fast-paced film and is filled with some of the most dynamic scenes from the documentary If These Halls Could Talk . Its purpose is to get groups excited and invested in having much deeper and guided conversations on diversity. The Director’s Cut has been segmented into Vignettes (Disc 2); these film clips have been divided to provide possibilities for conversations along topic line- white privilege and numbness, international student issues and concerns, creating community in the classroom, fostering trust and safety, the achievement gap, heterosexism, HIV/AIDS, conflict mediation techniques, cross-cultural communication and institutional racism, for example. As a bonus, we have also included extended footage on Disc 2 (what we call The Classroom Edition), which provides teachers and facilitators with content that can be utilized over the course of a longer curriculum. All content on Disc 2 comes with accompanying online Film Guides that provide teachers and facilitators with activities and questions that could promote fruitful, impactful diversity dialogues.

2-DVD set: $50

Interested in an online rental of this film, instead of a DVD? If so, visit: www.DiversityTrainingFilms.com. Short and long term streaming rentals available (24 hours, 72 hours, 1 week, 30 days, 6 months or 1 year).